HP Sprocket Photobooth – How to Create Events

HP Sprocket Photobooth – How to Create Events

This document is for the HP Sprocket Photobooth.  

Once your event is set up, taking photos is quick and easy. 

1: To create an event, select “My Events” from the home page.  
2: Follow the on-screen instructions and select your desired frames from the available event categories. 
3: Next, personalize your frames by adding title(s) and caption(s). 
Just one title and caption, which is then used by all frames that can receive it.



    4. Choose a screensaver from the available options to display when the screen is idle for a designated amount of time.  
    5. When you’re ready to start your event, click on “My events,” then select your event. From there, you can choose event settings, such as max prints per guests, and enable/disable filters and photo sharing. Then, simply press “Start.” 
    6. To edit an existing event, go to “My Events,” select your event, and click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of your screen.  


    7. To edit, duplicate, or delete an event, go to “My Events,” then click on the three dots on the right side of the event name. 
            Note: When a PIN is activated, event settings can only be accessed by the event owner/admin. Guests will be unable to access general device settings or photo gallery.